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Strattera is used for treating attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD).

Where to buy generic strattera You've seen them before. When people tell you they are on the verge of buying their first drug, you ask them which pharmacy generic strattera canada they're going to. They answer Walgreens. That's because they're likely to be taking prescription pills, not because Walgreens is the best place to buy generic strattera. A survey of 300,000 people in the United States found that only 32 percent trust or prefer generic drugs, while 60 percent said they "often or always trust prefer brand names." This is the problem with generic drugs. They often do better than their brand name versions, but people trust them less. There are a few big reasons: Consumers are not familiar with them, and they don't know if the "branded name" has better or worse unspecified effects on their health. But one reason may be the marketing. While there is a difference between generic and brand name, these days it's hard to tell the difference. most important thing in choosing a generic is whether it's enough for you. The National Bureau of Economic Research in the United States analyzed top 100 selling brand-name drugs (the average price of a year-round prescription is $1,811) and the top 100 selling generic drugs, and found the generics performed as well or better than their brand-name counterparts, especially on quality parameters related to drug delivery and clinical outcomes, such as number of side effects, drug interactions and cardiovascular effects. (This did not account for drug patents.) In the same year, when NBER study looked at the top 100 brand-name drugs again, it found that many of the best-selling and most popular generics were not actually new versions of brand-name drugs, but had slightly different formulations. The most popular brand-name formulation was Bausch + Lomb's anti-spasmodic Strattera®, which the study found performed better than other non-brand-name products like the same generic Strattera without anti spasm. The top generic formulation was Zydus Cadila, which had Promethazine online buy the best rate of safety and efficacy. Brand name generics have a big advantage compared to generics made in Mexico For some medications, the question of quality and safety comes first. The NBER study found that in many cases, brand names performed better. But they did not always. There were products that produced both excellent quality and safety -- like St. John's wort. These had a much lower price, while some generics, including ashtons pharmacy online ordering with patented ingredients, were less expensive than brand names. Generic drugs tend to cost more, because consumers pay an extra 20 percent for the privilege of obtaining a better product. That price differential exists to encourage higher quality in the brand name products. trade-off for that extra cost is consumers have little to compare the generic to. But generics are not only cheap and available, but they're much better than brand name generics. names in the United States tend to have fewer active ingredients, as opposed to the more than 1,700 generic.

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