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Order amoxil online Aquarium Care Tips for Amylophora The following is a brief overview of the basic aquarium care tips for this species. Temperature Aquarium temperatures should be 25 - 30˚F (16 20˚C) and 75 - 90% relative humidity. Amylophora is a thermophilic fish and they require a high temperature for optimal health. The ideal temperature range is in the of 40 – 60˚F-75˚C. If these temperatures exceed the can you buy amoxil over the counter Amylophora's internal temp, they will die as the fish's blood is unable to maintain the proper body temperature. Temperature range requires a high water flow. As general rule of thumb, a water flow 5 gallons per minute is a good estimate for 25.4 gallon aquarium. The larger aquarium, higher water flow. Amylophora has an incredibly fast respiration rate. This has allowed Amylophora to survive in a wide array of habitats and even in very dry hot areas. Food Amylophora's diet can be a difficult and sometimes painful one. This fish likes high protein diets, but will also eat a healthy diet of other fish or insect. A general rule of thumb is a min